Sell Us Your Bag

If you own a designer item but are ready to move on or upgrade to the latest style, LXR & Co. will save you the trouble of selling it yourself. We offer direct, competitive prices based on the condition and model of the product.

Please fill in the form below and attach at least 2 photos of the item’s exterior and 2 photos of the item’s interior.

If we are able to appraise the item based on the information provided, we will contact you with our price offer and details of payment.

If we need to take a closer look at the item, we will ask you to send it in for a personal appraisal. We cover all in-bound shipping costs on items that are requested for assessment.

For sellers that live in the Los Angeles area, feel free to stop by our retail store on 9638 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills for an appraisal.

Please read our Purchase Contract below for a full list of terms and conditions.

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  1. Shipping Policy: LXR & Co. provides sellers with free in-bound, FedEx ground shipping if an item requires a personal appraisal at our warehouse. The company will not be held responsible for items that are shipped using a different provider. Sellers will be advised if they need to send in their item(s) after they have completed the Seller Submission form.
  2. Payment Options: LXR & Co. will advise sellers of a price offer after i) the company has received the completed Seller Submission Form and made an appraisal based on the information provided OR ii) the company has received the completed Seller Submission Form, requested the item be sent in to the company warehouse and made a personal appraisal after receiving the item.
    Upon acceptance of the offer, LXR & Co. will pay the seller within 5 business days via the payment method requested in the Seller Submission Form.
  3. Damage Prevention: It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure that any items sold to LXR & Co. are adequately insured until they are delivered into the company’s possession.
  4. Tamper Protection: LXR & Co. will provide sellers with a tamper-proof clip to attach to the item before sending. This is to ensure that the item will not be swapped before or after it reaches the company.
  5. Item Authenticity: The seller agrees that all items submitted for sale are authentic and that they have made no intentional attempt to sell LXR & Co. counterfeit products. Should an item be discovered to be counterfeit, it will be returned to the seller at their own cost.