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The Luxury Bazaar:

You stand eagerly at the gates of LXR&CO's Luxury Bazaar, a hint of gold and flash of bright leather catches your eye and you immediately feel drawn towards what lies inside. This is no ordinary market or bazaar, it's a collection; and you think it might just be the most amazing selection of goods that you've ever seen.

As you take the first step, you see a wide array of items, from all around the world. All unique pieces: some that you've only ever seen in magazines.

You instantly connect. Recognize the history and significance that each piece holds. From small to large, you just cannot get enough, your senses are hyper and there is an anxiousness building.



Mike Frederiqo Collaboration:

LXR&CO's is proud to sponsor Mike Frederiqo's exhibition "Vintage Luxury Travels"

Frederiqo's artwork is a tribute to the rich history and strong personalities of Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel. The series honours the quality, savoir-faire and distinct character of each brand and founder.

The exhibition features a series of painted Louis Vuitton trunks & Chanel bags with Frederiqo's signature luxury 'icon' cartoons.