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Sell Your Bag

Why sell to LXRandCo?

We want to encourage our clients to sell the pieces that are just sitting in the back of their closets. Who knows? The piece that you sell could be the piece of luxury that somebody else is dreaming about. Everything old can be new again with LXRandCo.

If you own a designer item but are ready to move on or upgrade to the latest style, LXRandCo will save you the trouble of selling it yourself. We offer direct, competitive prices based on the condition, model and demand of the product.

What's great about selling to us?
  1. No strings attached, easy payments
  2. It's an easy process
  3. We reply within one business day upon receipt of appraisal request
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Item description

What photos do we need?

At least six pictures of the item are required. For a better assessment of your luxury item, please try to provide some of the following pictures in natural daylight:

  1. Front picture of the product
  2. Back picture of the product
  3. Left side picture of the product
  4. Right side picture of the product
  5. Bottom picture of the product
  6. Close-up picture of serial number / date stamp
  7. Close-up picture of logo at interior of the product
  8. Close-up picture of logo at exterior of the product
  9. Close-up pictures of corners
  10. Close-up pictures of damages
  11. Picture of accessories
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